Intermodal: Green and cost effective

During the last 16 years Meulenberg Transport’s activities have moved from raod transport to trend-setting intermodal transport. As the only original transport company from the province of Limburg, Meulenberg has become a specialist in this area. With intermodal transport, the company is taking full advantage of the tendency by the government and large shippers to ship more goods by water and rail for environmental reasons.

Most of the activities entail the transport of sea containers from the Limburg Euregio and the German Rohr area, to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and bringing sea containers from these ports. Each transport order receives the best combination of transport by lorry and chartered train and/or barge services at the desired transport speed. In this way, Meulenberg offers its customers the best-cost efficient, “greenest”, logistical solutions.


The construction and further expansion of container terminals at Born, Venlo, Lanaken, Liège, Genk, Cologne, Duisburg and Voerde is extremely important for development of intermodal transport. Meulenberg Transport has added a major factor to this. The company is located directly next to the Kerensheide intersection, at the junction of the Antwerp-Cologne and Rotterdam-Liège motorways,. Because of its central location, Meulenberg is in a position to offer extremely efficient logistical services. The company has therefore greatly expanded container transports in 2010, over 24,000 containers were transported.


The entire container transport chain in the hands of one firm


When it comes to sea container transport, Meulenberg manages the entire transport chain. Besides the transport of loaded
containers from and to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, the company can also look after loading and unloading of
containers. This enables the transfer of goods to other containers, loading in a distribution van or storage in the warehouse.


At the same time Meulenberg participates in the new trimodal containerterminal CTS in the harbour of Stein. At this point is
the connection between rail, water and road. A 45 t. containercrane and two 44 t. reachstackers take care of the 
containerhandling. The terminal has a 6 hectare surfaces area and a handlingcapacity of 100,000 Teu per year. In 2005 we
handled 15,000 containers on barges and from the beginning of 2006 a new railconnection with the port of Rotterdam will
take care of an increase up to 45,000 handlings.

For various shipping companies and large shippers, the terminal serves as a storage facility for full and empty containers,
close to their loading and unloading locations. Meulenberg looks after prompt delivery on demand. This reduces the transport
of empty containers to a minimum. By CTS, Meulenberg Transport also participates in Railport Lanaken, a railterminal 
situated in the Industrial area Lanaken/Maastricht with plenty of storage possibilities, in the open air as well as indoors. 
Including the container terminals, Meulenberg covers the entire course of sea container transport between shippers and
the seaport. In other words, its trump card lies in offering efficient, competitively priced total solutions for transport and storage.