A name to be proud of

Over the years Meulenberg Transport has built a highly reliable, flexible customer image. The company is proud of this and this fosters its reputation with care. That reflects itself in many different ways, Meulenberg never turns down a transport order. Irrespective of deadline pressures, Meulenberg always keeps its promises. A major condition for this is a highly motivated staff. A great deal of attention is paid to working conditions and to reducing work pressures both for the office and field staff.

In short, it is an excellent basis for providing good services.


We are also proud of our tidiness as a company. Our vehicle fleet, for example – our showpiece par excellence – is meticulousy washed every Saturday and lined up in the parking area near the main office. Quality is also an aspect that receives much attention. In 2009 the SQAS assessment was passed with good results.


Today and in the future, Meulenberg Transport will remain vigilant. It will endeavour to identify and anticipate new logistical
needs in the market. Obviously, it will do so with the highest possible quality and the lowest possible prices.


A Vehicle fleet and in-house technical service


For road transport, which is the company’s real core activity. Meulenberg has a large fleet of vehicles consisting of 45 motor
vehicle, including 2 distribution combinations, one container combination and 98 trailers. In addition, the company works with
a permanent pool of charter companies. The company has a tradition of doing its own maintenance and repair work, including
that of charter vehicles. For its purpose, there is a modern, well- equipped garage where work goes on six days a week. The 
resulting speed and flexibility assures optimum availability of the vehicles.