Strong in tilt transport

Besides being a trendsetter in container transport, Meulenberg is also strong in tilt and tautliner lorry transport, with extensive,
optional logistical services. In addition to various smaller clients, the largest activity in this area comes from paper 
manufacturer Sappi. Meulenberg looks after the daily distribution of palletized paper from Sappi’s storage and transhipping
center at Wesel (Germany) and our own warehouse in Urmond to end users in the Netherlands and Belgium. From Sappi’s 
paper factories in Nijmegen, Maastricht and Lanaken, Meulenberg also looks after distribution to customers, including transport
by rail to Central and Eastern Europe, and by sea container to other continents.


Meulenberg handles the complete transport scheduling for his client, using an online link to exchange the necessary logistics
data. The scale of this activity, which entails a paper flow of 50 shipments per day and a total volume of no less than 300,000 
metric tons in 2010, is another indication that Meulenberg delivers high-level logistical services.